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Welcome to the All-Dry Basements website-, bringing you the All-Dry Basement System to help keep your basement ALL DRY. The permanent solution for wet basements, the patented All-Dry Basement System is like no other basement waterproofing system at keeping your basement waterproof and dry for you and your family! Call us today at 1-800-3-alldry. We are based in Nashville and here for you!

Serving the Nashville, Knoxville and Chattanooga areas for many years, we offer the patented All-Dry Basement System to ensure that your basement is All-Dry. Our basement waterproofing system has been time-tested with thousands of satisfied customers.

A wet basement can cause many problems, including Mold, Foundation Damage, Structural Damage and Mildew.

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Our cost-effective All-Dry Basement System solution will help to ensure that all of your basement water seepage issues are dealt with effectively. We stand by our All-Dry basement system with a Lifetime Warranty, Free Consultation and Time Tested Installations.



Protect your family, your home, and your investment with the All-Dry Basement System today. Basement Waterproofing is a priority for all homeowners.

Proud to be based in, and serving, the Nashville area for over 20 years.




If you were lucky enough to catch Alan Chandler at the 2012 Nashville Home Show, then you learned just how incredible the Stabil-Loc foundation piering system is. To learn more about the absolute best home foundation piering system available today, and to protect your home, contact All-Dry today.

For more information on Stabil-Loc, please visit

Weather anywhere can be a problem, as well as basement seepage can be a problem anywhere too. Your home is at risk as well, and needs to be protected. If you have water damage in your home, please call us today.

We have proudly been serving the Nashville, Knoxville and Chattanooga areas for many years. The All-Dry Basement System has been installed in thousands of satisfied customer's houses for many years. We are your BASEMENT WATERPROOFING specialists.


The All-Dry Basement system is a patented, time-tested system that has been on many homes over the years. We use state of the art technology and our patented system because it works!

Anti-Microbial Systems

We are proud to offer anti-microbial solutions with our installations to help customers acheive a healthy home. We offer high-quality basement products. Protect your home, protect your health and protect your family. Contact us for more details.

"Because it's not dry until it's All Dry"

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